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5 Tips to Save Time in the Transition Zone

Many triathletes often overlook the time spent in the transition area. Avoid loosing precious seconds in a race. Try these time saving tips.

  • Tip 1:
    Locate your transition spot faster with a bright colored mat. Find your space among a sea of towels, gears and bikes with a mat that makes your area stand out from your competition.
  • Tip 2:
    Sprinkle baby powder in your shoes. A little power allows you to slide in and out of your shoes fast!
  • Tip 3:
    Use triathlon specific shoe laces (available at tri stores). These laces allow you to easily slip into your running shoes and lace up snugly for the run.
  • Tip 4:
    Keep your transition area organized and clear of gear. Store your backpack above (by the top of the bike rack) during the race. Then, place your shoes at the top of the mat, keeping the bottom half of the mat available for you to wipe feet.
  • Tip 5:
    After taking off your wetsuit, toss it over the bike rack or over your backpack. Getting your wetsuit out of the way keeps a clear path open to and from your transition spot.