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Transition Like a Pro

by Nan Kappeler

With transitions quicker than the blink of an eye, professional triathlete Todd Menzel, from Newport Beach, California, doesnít waste a second storming in and out of the transition area in sometimes less than 30 seconds. You donít see Todd sorting through his gear during the transition, or putting on his race number. Here are his suggestions for transitions that can beat a speeding bullet

  1. Be a minimalist
    I store everything I won’t use during the race in my backpack and store it under the bike rack or in area designated by the race director.
  2. Less is better.
    I keep my transition area clean and clutter free. I also put my gel next to my running shoes-near the top of the mat.
  3. Wearing his race number under the wetsuit
    This saves me one extra step in transition and it sure beats trying to snap a race belt together with cold or trembling hands
  4. Leave the buckets and egg crates at home
    If I need to wash anything off my feet, I use water from my water bottle then dry my feet on my race mat.
  5. Location, location, location
    I put the race mat down near the wheel furthest from the race. Being able to see the bright color helps me to get to my bike quickly.

Race day can be hectic, especially in the transition area. Do a mock set-up of your transition area to minimize race day stress. Train smart-race fast. Good luck!

Check out these transition areas: